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Quality Management - Vision & Mission


As celebrating the 90th anniversary and being the pioneer at the Transit Agency Services in Turkey, Zihni Shipping Agency is to lead and cover all aspects of effective, efficient and safe agency services tailored to vessel’s needs at one of the most important and busiest waterways and energy hub in the world, the Turkish Straits and Ports .  



After 90 years experience in agency services, Zihni Shipping Agency goes beyond the ship agency services with an extensive range of tanker operations, Turkish Straits Transit, off shore agency operations, port, repair and shipyard services and mega yacht and cruise ship services by being pioneer in the standard and customized agency services in Turkey and commited to delivering integrated 24/7 services to vessels transiting through Turkish Straits and calling to Turkish ports with the highest level of quality and safety.





We place our agency and all integrated agency services with the highest levels of trust, honesty and global ethical standarts.


Collaborative Partnership

We believe in collaborative partnership with our customers and vessels and assign ourselves as an integral extension of their global shipping operations and services.


Customer and vessel centered

We promote our customers in the core center and focus on their requirements. We are alinging with our customers’ collective goals to reach the expectations.



With our qualified, experienced and empowered crew, we provide integrated agency services 24/7 basis.


Learning and continuous improvement

We are aiming high to provide the best service to our vessels and customers and we are improving our service quality and organization continuously to keep us at the top performance.



Communication is essential to Zihni Shipping Agency to receive and understand the needs of the customers and vessels and value responsiveness in all  kinds of service requests. To promote effective  comunication we use highly improved IT technology developed by Zihni for all kinds of agency services.  


Safety & Security

Zihni Shipping Agnecy considers highly important the challenges the shipping is facing at sea, especially at the Turkish Straits. In all our agency services the safety and security of the ships, crew, the environment and the Turkish Straits  are considered highly important. Safety and security are at the first priority in all agency operations.



Zihni Shipping Agency is Turkey’s Pioneer agency service provider dedicated to provide smooth transit operations at the Turkish Straits, offshore operations, port, repair,  shipyard, mega yacht and cruise ship services at the highest level quality and safety.

          In order to achive these underlined services, Zihni Shipping Agency is committed to;

  • build enduring relationships with customers and suppliers with long term commitments and contacts,
  • satisfy all customer and vessels’ needs within the statutory regulations,
  • maintain continuous improvement in doing collaborative services to ensure effectiveness,
  • establish quality objectives and services at the highest level within the integrated organization structure,
  • respond quickly to internal and external feedback by taking appropriate actions,
  • keep tangible process to increase employee job satisfaction in the organization,
  • continue to pursue that the Zihni’s service processes are all conducted according to local laws and regulations in close coordination with govermental organizations,
  • have respect for community, environment and human relations in honest way,
  • create a healthy and safe work environment for all who undertake the functions of the agency services,
  • support all staff to improve themselves and provide necessary conditions for training and professional development of the employed personnel.
  • create sustainable and continuous quality management process to improve agency services.