Founded in 1930, Zihni Shipping Agency is the most experienced agent in Turkey. Our ISO 9001-2000 certified service quality extends to every berth in Turkey and includes the Turkish Straits transit passages.

We are a privately held agency company  based in Istanbul, attending dry cargo ships and tankers as well as passenger cruise ships. The past decade we have also specialized in high-end travel solutions for yacht operators,  combining yacht cruises with luxury, tailor-made holidays to hotels and resorts in diverse locations around Turkey, with the highest standards of client care with personalized, quality service and superior results.

However these services go beyond the standard agency offerings: Through an extensive network covering countries world-wide we help our clients to be a step ahead of their opponents. Our accumulated experience makes us unique when dealing with accidents, groundings and other unwanted incidents.

We offer a comprehensive range of services: attending agents, customs clearance, luxury holidays and all-inclusive  travel services in Turkey.

Our long-established rapport within the maritime sector  and all  service providers ensures affordable prices and unique deals. Our company is run by professionals with over 30 years of combined experience in the maritime industry.

Here are some facts that will urge you to appoint Zihni Shipping Agency as your agents in Turkey:

  • Dedicated staff speaking English, French and Greek
  • Agent with an office in Ankara, day to day follow up of legislation and regulations.
  • Own offices in Turkish oilports (Iskenderun, Ceyhan, Mersin, Aliaga, Marmara Ereglisi, Tütünçiftlik, Yarımca)
  • Accumulated experience over 80 years...
  • Specialized as tanker agents for more than 30 years
  • Excellant relations with the authorities in Turkey and neighboring countries.
  • ZONE ( Zihni Operation Network )


Most Difficult Cases Successfully Handled

Our collective experience covers every kind of incident from collisions to injuries on board. Here are some examples:


1979: Agents for M/T Evriali when she collided with Romanian crude carrier Independenta in Bosphorus (43 crew members died and the wreck burned for weeks, 64 thousand tonnes of oil spilled and the Istanbul strait remained closed for weeks.)


1994: Agents for M/T Nassia when she collided with M/V Shipbroker in Bosphorus (26 crew members lost their lives, the wreck burned for days, oil spill polluted the shores and beaches and Istanbul Strait stayed closed to all traffic for a week.)


1999: Agents for M/T Crude Dio (Greenpeace activists boarded the vessel and both Turkish and International media was managed by Zihni in an exemplary way)


2002: Agents for M/T Cerigo (Head injury to cadet, pick up with military helicopter under very dangerous weather conditions: Winds up to 85 km/hour and waves up to 3 meters. Injured cadet was saved after a 6-hour brain operation.)


2003: Agents for M/T Ravan River when she collided with a passenger ferry in Bosphorus (Vessel might have been held for days, we managed to release her in 24 hours, thanks to our in-house lawyer and good relations with the authorities)


2004: Agents for M/V Marilia (Vessel ran aground at the southern exit of Bosphorus, Zihni managed and arranged the salvage operation, saving the owner hundreds of thousands of dollars)



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